Nairobi, Kenya, August 2021. We are very pleased to share that work has been completed on our new rearing facility located on Kenya’s largest fruit farm! The new facility will significantly expand our production capacity for both of our signature products, Dudumeal and Shamba Mix. The facility’s strategic location on a fruit farm will also drastically increase the efficiency of our waste-sourcing activities, in addition to increasing our productivity.

fruit waste
Mounds of fallen fruit waiting to be recycled by Ecodudu

Construction on the new rearing farm has been on-going for the past 6 months. With the project’s recent completion, we have just started ramping-up production at the new site, which is located some 75 kilometers from Nairobi, in the town of Makuyu.  According to Mr. Adan Mohammed, our CEO and Co-Founder, “The company has grown significantly over the past year, and we need to increase our production capacity through accessing new sources of organic waste.  This new rearing facility on a 500 acre mango, citrus, and avocado farm is critical to our expansion plans.” The arrangement is also a win-win for the fruit farm, which will receive access to our signature Shambamix fertilizer for the orchards, demonstrating the added-value of applying principles of circular economy.

“The new rearing facility is constructed on an 8 acre piece of land,” according to Dr. Starlin Farah, COO & Co-Founder.  She added, “Ecodudu will have ready access to approximately 16,800 tons of annual fruit waste from the farm to produce high quality fertilizer and insect protein.”

Mr. Mohammed is very optimistic and excited about Ecodudu’s current and future expansion. “There are many new projects on the horizon. We are aggressively pushing our production capacity in different locations across Kenya.”