Feeding the future with an insect-based circular economy

Who We Are

Ecodudu is a waste-to-value company. We use a proprietary innovation to recycle organic waste into high-protein animal feed and organic fertilizer using the black soldier fly. We harness insects (nature’s recycling agents) to address global issues which include waste management, demand for protein and environmental conservation.

The problems we are solving

  • About 30% of waste in Africa and 38% of waste Kenya is uncollected due to population growth, costs of waste disposal, and the lack of necessary infrastructure.
  • The majority of urban waste is organic, typically more than 50% by volume.
  • Organic waste in landfills releases large amounts of methane, a very harmful greenhouse gas.
  • According to the UN, rotting food waste accounts for 7% of the global greenhouse gas emissions.
  • 85% global increase in meat demand by 2050
  • 70% of the world’s soy production is fed to animals, with damaging consequences in terms of land abuse, deforestation, and calories waste.
  • 33% of the global arable land is already used to producing feed for livestock
  • More than a football field of Brazilian rain forest is cut down every hour to produce livestock feed for Europe

Why Ecodudu

Our Give Back

By our provision of affordable high-quality, organic, & agricultural inputs helping farmer to improve their yields and revenues. In addition we empower farmers to earn additional revenues.

Ecodudu contributes to No Hunger several ways revolving around increasing agricultural yields and productivity

We helps farmers to improve their farming yields with affordable, high-quality, & agricultural inputs. In addition we also provides training for farmers to generate additional revenues.

Our innovative process harnesses nature’s recyclers in the production of high-quality agricultural inputs and animal feed leveraging on concepts of circular economy. Our organic agricultural inputs and animal feed further contribute to environmental amelioration and the reduction in use of harmful.

Our contribution to Climate Action from several of its activities, primarily providing environmentally friendly alternatives to industrially farmed sources of protein.

Our ecologically friendly and high-quality agricultural inputs contribute to reducing the harmful chemical runoff from conventional pesticides, contributing to the improvement of water resources.

  • Collection of Organic Waste:

    We source organic waste from a network of food producing companies.

  • Waste recycling into animal feed and organic fertilizer

    The waste to value process takes 45 days since the Black Soldier Larvae (BSFL) are ravenous eaters. It all starts when a female adult (1-3 weeks) lays about 500 eggs which hatch into larvae in about four days.The Ecodudu hatchery reproduces and maintains the fly colony to ensure that the growth facility produces the necessary amount of young larvae to consume our incoming feedstock.

  • Product processing of Shamba mix and Dudu meal

    After 45 days, the larvae are being dried before being packaged into “Dudumeal” bags for our customers. The organic fertilizer, Shambamix, is also packaged and ready to be used by farmers.

  • Final product

    BSFL is 100% sustainable, safe, natural, cost-effective alternative feed for the aquaculture, farming and animal feed industries compared to fishmeal and soybean meal since it has a higher protein alternative.

Farmers Onboarded
Tonnes of ogranic wasted collected.
Tonnes of water saved (vs soy-based protein)

The Team

Adan Mohammed

Adan Mohammed

Starlin Farah

Starlin Farah

Rahima Nassir

Rahima Nassir

Kevin Siro

Kevin Siro

Ali Adan

Ali Adan

Charles Otiang

Charles Otiang

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