Where we turn organic waste into a catalyst for the agricultural revolution. 

Who We Are

Ecodudu is a waste-to-value company. We use a proprietary innovation to recycle organic waste into high-protein animal feed and organic fertilizer using the black soldier fly. We harness insects (nature’s recycling agents) to address global issues which include waste management, demand for protein and environmental conservation.

Ecodudu & Ecovineyard: Fostering Sustainable Synergy

In a unique collaboration, Ecodudu supplies ostriches with protein-rich black soldier fly larvae, while Ecovineyard benefits from our organic fertilizer. What sets us apart? Fruit waste from the farm nourishes this eco-cycle, making every choice a step towards a greener, more sustainable future. Join us in this harmonious journey.

Why Ecodudu

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  • Collection of Organic Waste:

    We source organic waste from a network of food producing companies.

  • Waste recycling into animal feed and organic fertilizer

    The waste to value process takes 45 days since the Black Soldier Larvae (BSFL) are ravenous eaters. It all starts when a female adult (1-3 weeks) lays about 500 eggs which hatch into larvae in about four days.The Ecodudu hatchery reproduces and maintains the fly colony to ensure that the growth facility produces the necessary amount of young larvae to consume our incoming feedstock.

  • Product processing of Shamba mix and Dudu meal

    After 45 days, the larvae are being dried before being packaged into “Dudumeal” bags for our customers. The organic fertilizer, Shambamix, is also packaged and ready to be used by farmers.

  • Final product

    BSFL is 100% sustainable, safe, natural, cost-effective alternative feed for the aquaculture, farming and animal feed industries compared to fishmeal and soybean meal since it has a higher protein alternative.

Farmers Onboarded
Tonnes of waste recycled.
Tonnes of water saved (vs soy-based protein)
Employment : Direct and Indirect Jobs

The Team

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Adan Mohammed

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Starlin Farah


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